Trump’s ICE Managers Publicly Shame Young ICE Officer and His Family; Release Criminal Alien Back into Florida Community

In the early morning hours, surveillance cameras at the Glades County Sheriff’s Office in Moore Haven, Florida captured footage of ICE managers in an undercover vehicle driving slowly in and out of the Sheriff’s Department parking lot searching for a particular make and model of vehicle and license plate number. Within minutes another set of headlights entered the parking lot. ICE managers quickly closed in on the vehicle, exited their car and approached.

It was textbook arrest procedures for criminal apprehension. Only, their target isn’t any criminal, he’s an innocent ICE Officer reporting to the Sheriff’s office where he works each day to prevent criminal aliens from being released into American communities.

Once ICE managers had the ICE Officer cornered in the parking lot, they publicly humiliated him, stripping him in the public parking lot of his gun, badge, law enforcement credentials and all ICE issued equipment – this as deputies from the Sheriff’s office and other staff watched through windows, and members of the public watched from various locations within the parking lot.

When it was all over, the ICE Officer was placed on suspension and publicly branded by his own ICE managers as a sexual predator who had sexually assaulted a female inmate at the jail. A crime which the ICE Officer did not commit.

In the small town, where the young officer and his wife enjoyed participating in local government and community activities, and their kids attend school, it was especially difficult for them to cope with the public stigma of being labeled a sexual predator; a stigma which came solely as the result of the actions of ICE managers who chose to publicly shame their own officer in a small town parking lot, instead of addressing allegations in an office behind closed doors, as any reputable law enforcement agency would do.

But let’s back up and talk about how this all started, and of course how it ends. Be prepared, as this story only gets worse.

A female criminal alien with an order of deportation was housed by ICE at the Glades County Detention Center while ICE Officers attempted to obtain a passport required for her deportation. When our young ICE Officer obtained her passport and the criminal alien was ready for deportation, she reportedly became enraged and retaliated by falsely alleging that the ICE Officer had sexually assaulted her.

Officers report that the criminal alien has a history of filing sexual assault charges against law enforcement officers, previously filing sexual assault charges against a Glades County deputy. ICE Officers allege that during the subsequent investigation into her allegations against the ICE Officer, other criminal inmates at the jail told investigators that the female criminal alien had approached them asking that they also falsely file sexual assault charges against the ICE Officer.

In the end, the ICE Officer was cleared of all charges.

But what about the criminal alien? She had an order of deportation and a passport. She was ready to be deported. Of course, she also falsely accused an ICE Officer of sexually assaulting her. Well, the same ICE managers who had our young ICE Officer tracked down in a parking lot like a wanted criminal, publicly shamed, stripped of his gun and badge, and suspended – they released the criminal alien to the street. They let the criminal alien go back into Florida communities where we believe she remains today.

And what about the ICE supervisors involved?

President Trump’s appointee as the Acting Director of ICE, Thomas Homan, just promoted one of the supervisors involved, and it is expected that he will promote the other supervisor shortly. Their immediate supervisor, who was not present in the parking lot but undoubtedly is in part responsible, was set for mandatory retirement next month, but again, President Trump’s appointee as head of ICE extended his retirement for an unprecedented 3 years.

And this is the life of an ICE Officer. This is what ICE Officers deal with every day of the week.

While ICE has a great corps of officers, there is a cancer of completely incompetent, anti-law enforcement leadership and management that is destroying ICE from within. It’s the ICE swamp.

President Trump promised to work directly with ICE Officers to drain ICE’s swamp, but up to this point the swamp within ICE, under the Trump Presidency, is more powerful and more protected than it has ever been before. Up to this point President Trump’s promise has not been kept.

Corrupt and incompetent ICE managers will continue to attack ICE Officers and undermine law enforcement operations until President Trump steps in and demands accountability.

“Almost a year into the Trump Presidency, ICE Officers continue to wait for the President to take action. They continue to wait for the President to keep his promise to ICE Officers,” stated one ICE Officer. “Mr. President, it’s time to keep your promise. It’s time to drain this swap.”

10 Comments on "Trump’s ICE Managers Publicly Shame Young ICE Officer and His Family; Release Criminal Alien Back into Florida Community"

  1. This is an absolute outrage! Those supervisors should be terminated, and if the Acting Director is not willing to do his job and hold his own supervisors accountable for such gross misconduct, he needs to go as well. What kind of message does this send to our communities and citizens, not to mention the officers at ICE. So if you are a criminal alien and you make a false allegation, you get rewarded?! Absolutely disgusting….

  2. Back in the day when federal immigration agents were under the Immigration & Naturalization Service (INS) I was a female SSA/Supervisory Special Agent. We always had female/female deportee/INS officer for deportations. Most outrageous is how ICE managers are treating their employees. It’s not only a bad working environment when this occurs, it’s dangerous for the officers when they feel they do not have the support of management – from the field office and up. I feel really angry for this new officer – truly unprofessional and glad he was cleared. I hope his colleague officers from other LEA are aware of the real story here.

  3. Hector Gonzalez | November 14, 2017 at 2:25 pm |

    Obama placed so many layers of “cow manure” in the system that is going to take a mayor effort to get rid of the problem!

    President Thrump does not have an idea how bad it is.

  4. “Illegal aliens set free for making routine false claims against officers. ICE supervisors (insert names here), support the practice”.

  5. Doris Goldstein | November 15, 2017 at 4:56 pm |

    I hope Trump can be made aware of this crap.
    This is unconscionable.

  6. Why aren’t these ICE managers named? It’s time to call out these bums on the record.

  7. FJ Theurkauf | November 16, 2017 at 9:37 pm |

    Before the corrupt and evil alphabet agencies are completely reformed we will have already entered into open revolution. Only then will we drain the swamp.

  8. And how does this information get to TRUMP?
    This is really gross – is there no honor left in this world?

  9. Barbara Griffith | November 19, 2017 at 11:03 pm |

    My suggestion is to go to President Trump I think he does not know about what is going on somebody is keeping this quiet because if he knew about it heads would roll. There are a lot of Obama holdovers all over the government that need to be replaced. It is unlikely that he would have supported ICE an the Border Patrol the way he has an turn on them.

  10. What is worse, Hector, is that he listens to the wrong people – like McMaster, Cohn, and Tillerson. Trump has been talked out of doing what he knows is right by these advisors, a number of times, on a number of important issues. He is being neutered by these Obama supporting “resistors”. If he can’t drain the swamp in his own house (WH), how can he do it anywhere else in DC?

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